R. Kelly caught with charges of multiple child pornography and inducement, blamed others


He is convicted three of  five count of allurement  of a minor to  undertake in criminal sexual activity.

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Also, he is convicted on  three of four count  of child pornography production.


An woman anonymously stated that she was sexually abused by R. Kelly when she was 14.


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The woman was one of the minors who made explicit videos with other minors.

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Another 37 years old woman, Jane, testified that R. Kelly engaged her in sexual activities when she was only 14.


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Jane also stated that she has received several life threats before the trial


"And ladies and gentlemen, what R Kelly wanted was to have sex with young girls", she said


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Kelly and his co-defendant and former business manager . Derell McDavid was  charged for child pornography.


Kelly's associate Milton Brown was arrested for receiving the child pornography


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However, R Kelly is  sentenced  30 years in prison for sex trafficking and racketeering.